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Almond, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Cookies {plus BIG Giveaway!}

almond dark chocolate sea salt cookies with band2

My two worlds have collided – and I couldn’t be more excited!  My “day job” in the music industry means I get to work with radio stations and artists across the country… I love my job! And, of course, I love playing in my Raisin & Fig “sandbox.” Today, I get to introduce you to the husband-and-wife team that make up the band Love & The Outcome.

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Chipotle Mary {Blog “Potluck”}

chipotle mary with text

Welcome to my first-ever blog potluck! Here’s how it works: the uber-talented chef Robin Asbell has invited a couple of blogging friends to post a recipe from her cookbook “Juice It.” We are each posting a different concoction, and giving readers a chance to win a copy of the cookbook. More on that later, but first, let’s talk about the perfect beverage for a Sunday brunch. Continue Reading →

Amy Grant’s Chicken Salad {& “Bless This Table” Giveaway!}

amy grant chicken salad

It was nearing lunch time as I was putting this giveaway together, and decided to try Amy Grant’s Chicken Salad.  Super easy, and very tasty, it’s just one of the 5 recipes from Amy and husband Vince Gill included in “Bless This Table” – the book that Raisin & Fig is giving away this week. I stumbled across this cookbook recently, and had to have a copy. I love the premise: Continue Reading →

Christmas Goodies {& Sonos Giveaway!}

Sonos Giveaway

I’ve just unloaded groceries, and they consist of record amounts of butter, yeast, flour and sugar. I’m getting ready for my annual marathon baking session, which, depending on how ambitious I am, will yield 16-24 Cinnamon Twist Coffee Cakes for delivery to neighbors and friends.

If you love spending time in the kitchen, do you always have a “soundtrack” going? I do! Especially during these “marathon” sessions… Right now I’ve got a strange, but great mix of Christmas music – Michael Bublé, Chris Tomlin, Dean Martin, Willie Nelson & Kelly Clarkson, just to name a few. Continue Reading →