I don’t see ads your site, why is that?

Well, frankly, I’m a little hesitant about that. While I realize that ads are a great way to provide some revenue AND connect you with products you might be interested in, I like the look of the blog without them. Raisin & Fig wasn’t created as a way to generate revenue anyway – it’s truly a labor of love. That said, I’ll continue to explore the option. Rest assured, if ads do show up here, they’ll be relevant and as unobtrusive as possible.

Would you partner with a company to promote a brand? 

Sure!  If it’s a product, cookbook or appliance that I have an affinity to and I think you’d like. Sometimes companies will provide a product in exchange for a blogger’s review. In that case, there’ll be full disclosure about where said product came from, BUT – an agreement to DO a review is not a promise of a POSITIVE review! Promos {like product giveaways, etc} are often paid endorsements in which a full disclosure {according to FTC regulations} will be added to the post.

Wait, what??  You want to fly me to Italy to review a cooking class at your Italian villa? OK!!!  Call me {please!} but, again, R&F readers will know you paid me, and if it’s not a stellar experience, they’ll know that too!

Contact me directly to discuss any promotional ideas you might have.

{BTW, none of the products or companies that are featured in the “Favorite Things” section are sponsored – they’re truly my faves!}

Are you on Pinterest?

Ugh, yes… I mean, YES!  Here’s the deal.  I am dragging my feet on Pinterest and Google+ because they’re overwhelming!  But I’m learning! Want to help me get up to speed in exchange for weekly loaves of Cinnamon Swirl Bread? Let’s talk!

What’s your media profile?

My what?? Oh, you mean how many subscribers, pageviews, etc., does Raisin & Fig have? Humbly, the numbers continue to grow every month! If that’s important to you, email me.

Do you write your own recipes?

I’m more of a “tweaker.” I’ll get inspiration from other food bloggers, or one of the many foodie magazines I subscribe too, but most of the time, I’ll combine several takes on a particular dish, or tweak it to be healthier. And if it’s a near-copy of someone else’s recipe, I’ll let you know that. {Usually the recipe will say “Adapted from…”}. If a recipe is completely original you can bet I’ll let you know that as well!

What if I have a question about a recipe?

Preferably, you’d include that in the comments section below the recipe so other readers can benefit as well.

What if I make one of your recipes and it doesn’t turn out?

First, I’d feel bad. Second, I’d want to know. I’d ask that you let me {and other readers} know by sharing your experience in that recipe’s comments section. If it’s something we can fix, I want to help. If there’s an error in the recipe, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it. Again, anyone reading that post could benefit from your constructive comments!

Can I use your recipe and or photos on my blog or website?

Why, I’d be honored! But for the recipe, please, link to BOTH the original blog post and to the home page.  Like this:  This recipe for Poppy Seed Cake is from Morgan at Raisin & Fig. If you’re using a photo, do it like this: This Pad Thai is yummy! [PHOTO] Get the recipe at Raisin & Fig.

Please don’t use the photo AND the recipe without written permission from me. After all, I spent the money to register with the US Patent & Trademark Office {not cheap!} and it takes a lot of work to put these posts together. Thank you!

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is important to us, and you can read the details here.


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