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Spring Roll Chicken Salad

If you’re looking for a healthy option in an Asian restaurant, fresh spring rolls are usually a good choice. Some restaurants call them “summer rolls” to distinguish them from the more popular version that is wrapped in won ton skins and fried. (Not so healthy!) I’m talking about the ones that are wrapped in rice paper and stuffed with crunchy veggies, maybe some shrimp or chicken, and served cold with a yummy dipping sauce. They’re fun to make, but let’s face it… the hangry-er I am, the lazier I am! Enter Spring Roll Chicken Salad.

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Rainbow Rolls {with Video}

Rainbow Rolls

Welcome to my new addiction. Oh. My. I always thought rolls like this were made by folks who had gone through years of culinary training in Thailand, mastering some secret rolling technique. Thanks to my new friend Joe, from Whole Foods, I not only “stuck the landing” on my first try, I’ve been making these daily for a week. They’re that good. Continue Reading →