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Basil, Cucumber & Avocado Gazpacho

basil cucumber avocado gazpacho

It’s hard to top a day that includes hiking in the mountains, then enjoying a meal and a little wine outside while staring at said mountains. If that meal includes a new food discovery – like this Basil, Cucumber & Avocado Gazpacho, all the better. Continue Reading →

Tomato Basil Phyllo Tart {Keeping it simple}

Tomato Basil Tart

I’m really an introvert. No one believes me when I say that, but it’s true. Large gatherings make me nervous, I’m terrible at small talk, and given the choice of going to a big party {especially a costume party} or putting on my elastic pants and watching a movie at home, I’ll choose the latter. Continue Reading →

Strawberry & Basil Infused Vodka

Michael Boeckmann / pixelfarm.com

Photo courtesy of Michael Boeckmann / www.pixelfarm.com

Eating great food with great friends always makes for a terrific evening, but when you add a totally new experience to the mix, it becomes an adventure! That was certainly the case when our friend Cynthia invited some friends to join her at the recent Pop-Up Dinner in White.

Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, but it’s a wonderful concept! The dinner organizers secure a secret location and provide tables, chairs and a band. That’s it. Attendees bring in everything else needed to enjoy a gourmet dinner under the stars.

The caveat? It’s an all-white event… our clothes, the table linens, plates and flowers were all to be white. Continue Reading →

Caprese Salad on a Stick

caprese salad on a stick - with oil and vinegar

The Minnesota State Fair recently announced 45 new foods for 2013. Of the over 400 total food options, 70 of those are attached to a stick. You won’t find “Caprese Salad on a Stick” at the Fair – but it’s a delicious appetizer you can make at home.

But first, more on fair-fare…

There are fair-goers who’ll swear you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a pork chop, Scotch Egg or fried Snickers on a stick.  Even Minnesota’s own “Tater-Tot Hot Dish” can be enjoyed kebab-style. Continue Reading →