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Nutty Granola Bars {These are for you, Donny Osmond!}

nutty granola bars

I’m a little bit country
And I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll
I’m a little bit of Memphis and Nashville
With a little bit of Motown in my soul
I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I know I love it so
I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll…

My 70’s crush on Donny Osmond made me want to be a little country to his “rock ‘n roll.” I knew every cheesy dance move to the song, and daydreamed about taking Marie’s place, if say, she called in sick or fell off the stage. Never mind that I couldn’t sing. {Why yes, I was a huge nerd. How did you know?!?}

Regardless of whether or not you enjoyed the song, the lyrics definitely reinforced the belief that opposites attract.

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Remodel with a Purpose {Parmesan, Almond & Rosemary Cocktail Cookies}

parmesan rosemary crackers

If you stopped by our house after the kitchen remodel, you would immediately notice the upgraded appliances, new wood floor or expanded center island. But perhaps the most important element of the project is something you can’t see – and it was “installed” with a Sharpie. Continue Reading →

Scramble {a.k.a. Chex Party Mix}

chex mix - clear bowls sunlight copy

I have a confession to make. I’ve been on a farmers’ market health kick. {That’s not the confession.} In addition to trying to eat well, I’m working on stocking up on foods made with my fresh-finds. Today I had a big block of time to tackle my organize-the-extra-freezer project. So I juiced a mango, apple, cucumber and a handful of fresh spinach and pridefully made my way to the freezer with my energizing green drink to begin.

The goal was to inventory what I had, ditch anything I didn’t recognize, organize said freezer so that stuff would be easy to find, and make room for new creations. That meant pulling everything out. There were meatballs, enchiladas, oven-roasted tomatoes, pizza crusts, pesto…

It was all going fine until I pulled out a one-gallon Ziplock bag of Scramble. Continue Reading →