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Scramble {a.k.a. Chex Party Mix}

chex mix - clear bowls sunlight copy

I have a confession to make. I’ve been on a farmers’ market health kick. {That’s not the confession.} In addition to trying to eat well, I’m working on stocking up on foods made with my fresh-finds. Today I had a big block of time to tackle my organize-the-extra-freezer project. So I juiced a mango, apple, cucumber and a handful of fresh spinach and pridefully made my way to the freezer with my energizing green drink to begin.

The goal was to inventory what I had, ditch anything I didn’t recognize, organize said freezer so that stuff would be easy to find, and make room for new creations. That meant pulling everything out. There were meatballs, enchiladas, oven-roasted tomatoes, pizza crusts, pesto…

It was all going fine until I pulled out a one-gallon Ziplock bag of Scramble. Continue Reading →