Review ::

Review ::

plated delivers fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients paired with gourmet recipes so you can cook delicious meals at home.I took advantage of an introductory offer where I could receive 4 plates {2 meals / 2 servings each} and a 3 month membership for the $20 shipping and handling fee.

Their website is gorgeous, the concept clearly explained, and the meals – which change weekly – look delicious. As of this writing, I’ve only made one of the meals, so will base my review solely on that one. I placed my order before leaving town for the week, requesting delivery the following Saturday {delivery days depend upon your zipcode}.  As promised, my box arrived midday, and I immediately unpacked it.

Breaking down elements of the experience, there’s a grade for each:

Menu :: Pork & Pineapple StirFry with Napa and Purple Cabbages

Packaging :: A

Inside the box was a silver insulated liner and 3 ice packs to keep the food cold. Each ingredient was in its own separate {and clearly labeled} bag or container. There was a tinge of guilt about the amount of packaging, and the fact that it’s shipped from Chicago {there are three fulfillment centers – NYC, San Francisco and Chicago}. However, the box is 100% recyclable, as are the plastic bags and containers. I’ll hang on to the liner and ice bags for my own future use.

Ingredients :: B

The ingredients were already portioned / measured out and looked great, with one exception: the napa cabbage was brown and soft on one side. I’m not sure if that is because it had been sitting directly on the ice pack, or if it was a day or two past its prime. I did pick up a small head of napa cabbage at the store that afternoon, which kind of negated the convenience factor of having a complete meal delivered to my door. However, the pork and the rest of the ingredients were great. {Note:  My mom got this same meal and said all of her ingredients were very fresh, so I’m hoping my issue was an anomaly, and I won’t give it the “C” I was inclined to do before I got Mom’s report!}

Instructions :: A 

Super clear and easy, with step by step pics and instructions, some helpful hints, as well as caloric information.

Quantity :: A+

The meal promised to serve 2 people. Husband and I each had 2 generous servings each, and I had a little left over the next day.

These are pictures of my first delivery, and the stir-fry being prepared.

Taste :: B

I would call this a “safe” stir-fry. And by safe, I mean bland. Husband and I are probably a little more adventurous than average, flavor-wise, so we both felt it needed “something” to kick up the flavor. Out came the bottle of Sriracha from the fridge.  {Note: Mom felt hers needed some “doctoring” too, so she added a small can of pineapple chunks and liquid.}

Overall :: A

This is a great concept, and I think it’s perfect for a wedding gift, or someone who wants to learn to cook.  Once you’ve completed one of these meals, you can easily replicate it again, and tweak to your tastes.  Personally, I loved that I could be traveling for work for a week, and come home to everything I needed for a few meals waiting for me on my doorstep.

A membership {$10 per month} gets you a reduced price on your meals. You can add your food likes/dislikes and allergies and based on your preferences choose to have meals auto-delivered weekly {I turned this feature off}. They have a generous referral program as well. I’ll be trying it again for sure.

Interested in giving Plated a try? Click here.

{Additional Note :: Mom had better luck with the Quinoa Casserole with Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes. Her quinoa needed to cook a bit longer than the instructions indicated, so she added some chicken broth to the pot. She also said she would have substituted broth for water to begin with, just to add some more flavor. She gave this one an “A”.}

Required disclosure:  I was not compensated for this review, and I paid for my product.