Ice, Ice Baby! {Amp up your summer beverages!}

flavored ice cubes

Summer means outdoor entertaining {finally!}.  I, for one, love to enjoy a tasty beverage on the deck – but too often it gets diluted from melting ice.  Add a little “zip” to your beverages with flavored ice cubes.

I’ve just experimented with a few combos today – but this is where you {and your kids} can have lots of fun.


  • Juiced watermelon + fresh mint leaves
  • Lime zest + fresh squeezed lime juice
  • Pomegranate seeds + water

If you’re using zest, leaves or seeds, rather than just straight juice, fill your ice cube trays halfway with liquid.  Place in freezer for 20 minutes.   Add the “filling” of your choice, top with liquid to fill, and freeze for at least 6 hours.  This allows your “fillers” to float inside the cube.

Use in place of regular ice cubes with your favorite beverage.  Cheers!

flavored ice cubes with pomegranate

{Prefer iced coffee or tea on the deck?  Make cubes out of either, so your beverage doesn’t get watered down.}

flavored ice cubes with lime zest


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