My Spice Drawer {or, I wonder if I have OCD…}

spice drawer

When I show my spice drawer to people, they have one of two reactions — either envy, or horror.  If the picture above makes you lean toward envy, read on.  If not, perhaps you’d enjoy another post better.

When we remodeled last year, I went into heavy purge and organize mode.  (BLISS!)  The result is a kitchen in which, after 17 years, there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

(I can’t say the same about my closet, or sock drawer.  Apparently, I have “selective OCD”.)

My former lineup of spices involved a bunch of different brands, in different shapes of containers.  Some containers were clear, some weren’t.  On some, the labels took up so much space it was nearly impossible to see how much of a particular spice was left, until you found yourself a few teaspoons short in the middle of cooking dinner.

spices closeup

Let’s talk containers.  I find that just like people are either dog people or cat people, when it comes to containers people are either square people or round people.  I’m a square person (– and a dog person).  Square spice jars just fit together better, and they stay where you put them so the label is always up.  I found mine after some feverish Googling at Specialty Bottle.

Pre-printed spice labels are easy to find, but they’re always missing some spice names I need and have a bunch that I don’t.  Many of the labels cover too much of the jar, so you can’t tell how much of a particular spice is left — plus I like seeing the colors and textures of the spices.  (I know, weird, right?)

Anyway, I wanted custom labels.  Enter my absolutely favorite paper store.  I bought 1 1/4″ round blank labels that I can print at home.  (They come in tons of great colors.)

As for the spices…  I’ve started buying in bulk because it’s cheaper.  Penzey’s is my go-to.  I order mine in bags so I’m not wasting a bunch of plastic containers, and then just use a funnel to fill my jars.

Yes, I alphabetize my spices.  (Yeah, like you don’t have any funny quirks… )

Wouldn’t you know – as I’m writing this, I just glanced at the photo of my spice drawer and see a few out of place.  Of course it bothers me!  So while I’d love to stay and chat, I need to go rearrange this drawer so I can continue with my day.

In the meantime, you can check out my other favorite tools and resources.


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